Member Profile - Sarah J

Sarah blogs at

What’s the best thing about being an ASG member?

Spending time with people who love what I love! I can tell them tales of my overflowing stash and my husband’s growing distain. They will tell me about their stash and how they appropriated the garage.

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2014 ASG Sydney Tour


6-13 July 2014 - Sydney 2014 is a tour of discovery to explore favourite fabric and haby haunts, shop crafty markets and explore this amazing city and its surrounds.

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Member Profile -Louise Sparrow

"I sew because I love the satisfaction of wearing a well fitted garment that I will not see walking down the street on someone else. I love to experiment with different techniques and fabrics, so I make garments just for the pleasure of designing and constructing."

Do you sew with a plan or just let inspiration strike?

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2014 ASG Paris Tour


Tour 1: 6-19 April | Tour 2: 4-17 May 2014 - Paris will sweep you off your feet like a rekindled romance, taking you to places you've only read about and secret haunts you'll remember long after you've left.

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Member Profile - Kristy Idle

"Joining the ASG this year has opened a whole new world for me - now I know people who are happy to talk in endless detail about fabric, patterns, notions and techniques as well as give helpful advice and help with fiddly fitting issues."

Kristy blogs at

Do you sew with a plan or just let inspiration strike?

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About the ASG

The Australian Sewing Guild Inc. is a national not-for-profit organisation for people who regard sewing as a creative and rewarding activity. Sharing the benefits and joys of sewing is almost as much fun as sewing itself. The ASG provides the latest sewing information and a friendly support network for all level of sewers, from beginners to advanced.

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Pincushion Caddy

This hexagon pincushion caddy is easy to make BUT does require mainly hand stitching.  A great project to do in front of the television.  This project comes to you coutesy of Penny's Hands Blogspot (a link to the blogspot is included in the instructions).

Hexagon PIncushion Caddy

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