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Because we care

3 Dec 2019 10:00 AM | Deleted user

This is a story of three community groups coming together with a common goal of helping women and men with breast cancer. They are Solaris Cancer Care, The Embroiderers Guild of WA and the Australian Sewing Guild.

Fay Boyd (member of the Embroiderers Guild), on a visit to Melbourne, was shown a kit for those undergoing breast cancer treatment and recovery by a friend who found it most useful. Permission was given from the originator, with great delight, to bring the concept with some modifications to Perth.

The “Comfort Kit” consists of a cushion worn under the arm after surgery while in bed or under items of clothing during recuperation and a drainage bottle bag that may be required during treatment. This can also double as a carry bag for any X-ray CDs you may have. Also included is a small gift.

Fay is a long term volunteer/supporter of Solaris Cancer Care and a member of The Embroiderers Guild of WA (Claremont Group). Karina Barlow is also a member of The Embroiderers Guild of WA (Claremont Group) and the Australian Sewing Guild (Western Suburbs Group). Between them they have a team of volunteers who cut out the patterns and assist with the sewing up of the cushions and drainage bags. Fay then provides the finishing touches to the kits for gifting by the Cancer Co-Ordinator at St.John of God hospital in Subiaco, where they are well received.

The ladies from the Claremont Group have a cutting out day once or twice a year where they cut out the cushions and drainage bags from donated fabrics. Karina then takes them to the Western Suburbs Group who have a charity day making up the cushions. This whole operation has been going on for three years, providing much needed help to cancer sufferers.

Many thanks to all for their contribution enabling a free, useful and attractive gift to cancer patients of Western Australia.

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